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Fulfillment… What exactly is fulfillment? Fulfillment is defined by Business, as “The process of taking an order and executing it by making it ready for delivery to the intended customer. It may involve warehousing, pickup, packing, labeling, etc.” So, what does fulfillment mean at Calvert McBride? It means saving you time and money. Do you ever need to send multiple pieces of literature to one place? Do you manufacture a product that is shipped with several different printed pieces? Do you gather these pieces by hand, place them in some form of packaging and include them with your product? What if your literature was delivered to you already packaged for your product? How much could you save by not having to gather your literature? How much could you save if you didn’t have to stuff your envelopes for mailing? Our automated equipment is accurate, reliable, and fast. We can save you time and money.